Compare condominiums in Asoke, Nana, and Phrom Phong:

Early Sukhumvit is Bangkok’s most charming area to live in. Accompanied by hectic city lifestyle along with day-and-night charm, Early Sukhumvit is the most iconic central avenue in Thailand. 

It starts from Nana, going through Asoke, and finishes in Phrom Phong. 

Located between Rama IV Road and Phetchaburi road and combined with the best features of urban development, Early Sukhumvit is the only area that has easy access to all BTS Sukhumvit Line, the BTS Silom Line, the MRTs, the Bangkok Airport Rail Link, and piers at channel (Khlong).

Here we compare condominiums in Asoke, Nana, and Phrom Phong.

How we define Asoke, Nana, and Phrom Phong

There are different opinions where are borders between Asoke, Nana, and Phrom Phong. We divide areas by distance to respective BTS stations, while in some areas we counted buildings in 2 areas.

For example, all projects at Sukhumvit 31 and Sukhumvit 22 we count to both Asoke and Phrom Phong. All projects at SUkhunvit 10 and Sukhumvit 13 we define as Asoke and Nana condos. See the map below.

Asoke-Nana-Phrom Phong map by REMAX CondoDee
Asoke-Nana-Phrom Phong map by REMAX CondoDee

What is the data source

We used data based on listing prices as available in the main Thai property portals: DotProperty, HipFlat, and DD Property.

The data was collected in April and May 2020.

Comparison of Data

The next table summarizes the main parameters analyzed for condominium projects in Nana, Asoke, and Phrom Phong.

REMAX CondoDeeBTS NanaBTS AsokeBTS Phrom PhongDefinition
# condominiums318875projects
Total # units8,22818,20411,354apartments
Ave units/bldg265207151apartments/bldg
Ave bldg age16.015.614.6years
Ave floors 23.624.424.4floors/bldg
Ave unit price฿8,037,175฿10,710,100฿15,263,617THB
Ave. price/sqm฿124,878฿153,171฿164,829THB/sqm
Ave. rental price฿29,960฿37,667฿53,597THB/month
Ave ROI4.47%4.22% 4.21%annual yield

Note: since data is based on listing price, actual property prices (both for sale and rent) are 10 to 20% lower. When making your buying or selling decisions, we recommend advising with a professional property consultant.

Conclusions in short

For more analysis and free consultation, please contact RE/MAX CondoDee realtors.

What condominiums are included in the analysis

The next table indicates all condominiums featured by RE/MAX CondoDee. For a detailed review of each condominium, click on the project name to visit the dedicated project page.

Condominiums by RE/MAX CondoDee

Project NameYear of Built# UnitsFloorsSoi
15 Suite1996758S15
15 Sukhumvit Residences201351425S15
39 by Sansiri201016632S39
49 Plus2005779S49
A Space I.D. Asoke – Ratchada201654330R9
Acadamia Grand Tower19939821S43
Aguston Sukhumvit 22201026924S22
Ashton Asoke201878350S21
Ashton Chula Silom20181,18256SiSa
Asoke Place199625040S21
Asoke Tower19869928S21
Aspire Rama 9201466323R9
Avenue 612005797EK
Baan Klang Krung British Town Thonglor2003992TL
Baan Ploenchit199412916PCCL
Baan Prida Sukhumvit 819861914S08
Baan Prompong19929822S39
Baan Saraan2007428S31
Baan Siri 24200718534S24
Baan Siri 31200710824S31
Baan Siri Sukhumvit 1020051188S10
Baan Siri Sukhumvit 132004738S13
Baan Suanpetch199313033S39
Belle Grand Rama 920152,02443R9
Beverly Tower19926016S13
Bright Sukhumvit 24201129236S24
Chewathai Residence Asoke201731529R9
Chicha Castle Moo Baan1988314S31
Circle 2 Living Prototype201547753S11
Circle Condominium201191743S11
Circle Rein Sukhumvit 1220181228S12
Circle S Sukhumvit 1220151108S12
Circle Sukhumvit 11201921934S11
CitiSmart Sukhumvit 18200519221S18
City Lake Tower Sukhumvit 1619925428S16
Condo One X Sukhumvit 26200932928S26
Condolette Dwell Sukhumvit 2620142248S26
Condolette Midst Rama 9201543340R9
Crystal Garden199211226S04
D.S. Tower 1 Sukhumvit 3319908438S33
D.S. Tower 2 Sukhumvit 39199619430S39
Domus Condominium200610812S18
Edge Sukhumvit 23201744335S23
Eight Thonglor Residences200919634TL
Empire House Ekamai 1219945828EK
Fairview Tower19935425S18
G.M. Tower (rentals only)20022722S20
G.P. Grande Tower (rentals only)19978632S23
Grand Park View Asoke200648132S21
Grand Ville House 119827213S24
Grand Ville House 219858023S19
H Sukhumvit 43201428832S43
Harmony Living Sukhumvit 152006248S15
Hawaii Tower (rentals only)19946023S23
Hyde Sukhumvit 11201947839S11
Hyde Sukhumvit 13201747839S13
Ideo Mobi Asoke201950737S21
Ideo Sukhumvit 9320181,33238ON
Inter Tower19983118S13
Interlux Prmier Sukhumvit 1320161458S13
Interlux Prmier Sukhumvit 1320151108PCCL
Kallistra Mansion19978434S11
Kiarti Thanee City Mansion199611822S31
Klass Langsuan20151108PCCL
Kraam Sukhumvit 26201912829S26
Lake Avenue Sukhumvit 16198516026S16
Lake Green19976827S08
Las Colinas199519844S21
Le Cote Sukhumvit 142012608S14
Le Luk condominium201027227PK
Le Premier 119926821S23
Le Raffine Jambu Dvipa Sukhumvit 3920093459S39
Le Raffine Jambunuda Sukhumvit 3120064630S31
Le Raffine Sukhumvit 2420055430S24
Liberty Park 119937934S23
Liberty Park 2199813623S11
Life Asoke20181,64235S21
Life One Wireless20201,34443PCCL
Lumpini Place Rama 9 – Ratchada20101,16525S03
Lumpini Suite Phetchaburi – Makkasan201863635S11
Lumpini Suite Sukhumvit 4120051599S41
M Thonglor 10201617922TL
Maestro 39 Sukhumvit 392015908S39
Mahogany Tower19945836S24
Marques Sukhumvit201714750S39
Mayfair Place Sukhumvit 50201835317S50
Millennium Residence201060451S20
Mirage Sukhumvit 2720142468S27
Monterey Place199519625S16
My Resort Bangkok201038428S21
Noble Ora200922021TL
Noble Ploenchit20171,44451PCCL
Noble Recole201828828S19
Noble Refine201224325S26
Noble Remix200850433TL
Noble Revo Silom201631932SiSa
Omni Tower Sukhumvit Nana19999034S04
Park 24201887351S24
Pearl Residences Sukhumvit 242012788S24
Prasanmit Condominium1985518S23
Premier Condominium19818012S24
Prestige Towers199411226S23
Prime Mansion One1999307S31
Prime Mansion Promsri2005408S49
Prime Mansion Sukhumvit 3120087017S31
Pyne by Sansiri201329842Siam
Q Asoke201648241S21
Quarter 312019103S31
Quarter 392018153S39
Regent on the Park 119928134S26
Regent on the Park 319952973S39
Rende Sukhumvit 232013508S23
Rhythm Asoke201738637R9
Rhythm Ekkamai201832632EK
Rhythm Ratchada201188137R9
Rhythm Sukhumvit 36-38201749625TL
Rhythm Sukhumvit 42201640736EK
Rin House Sukhumvit 391997628S39
Royal Castle Sukhumvit 39199314624S39
Royce Private Residence201239161S31
Ruamjai Heights19928021S15
Saladaeng One201518733SiSa
Saranjai Mansion199248023S06
Serene Place Sukhumvit 242006788S24
Siamese Exclusive Queens201933233S16
Siamese Exclusive Sukhumvit 31201919321S31
Siamese Gioia20101687S31
Siamese Thirty Nine2013877S39
Siri at Sukhumvit200946034TL
Siri On 82009748S08
Siri Residence200718532S24
Sky Walk Condominium201352050PK
Sukhumvit Casa19916020S10
Sukhumvit City Resort200617026S11
Sukhumvit House19864212S23
Sukhumvit Living Town201045336S21
Sukhumvit Suite199455844S13
Supalai Place Sukhumvit 39199250023S39
Supalai Premier @ Asoke201463538S21
Supalai Premier Place Asoke200628530S21
Supalai Veranda20191,43031R9
Supalai Wellington20141,00219R9
Symphony Sukhumvit2010798PK
Tai Ping Towers198130033EK
TC Green Rama 920141,90032R9
TELA Thonglor20188833TL
The Address Asoke201257444S21
The Address Chidlom200959724PCCL
The Address Sukhumvit 28201124631S28
The Address Sukhumvit 4220092148TL
The BASE Garden Rama 9201963936R9
The Base Park East Sukhumvit 77201550427ON
The Cadogan Private Residence2005237S39
The Clover Thong Lo20105909TL
The Concord19933915S13
The Crest Sukhumvit 2420137015S24
The Crest Sukhumvit 492014888S49
The Diplomat 39201915631S39
The Emporio Place201036142S24
The Esse Asoke201941955S21
The Esse at Singha Complex202031939S21
The Heritage19833314S08
The Lakes Condominium200416536S16
The Line Asoke Ratchada201947338R9
The Line Sukhumvit 71201729128PK
The Lofts Asoke201921137S21
The Lofts Ekkamai201726328EK
The Lumpini 24201340046S24
The Madison200715136S41
The Master Centrium20097927S19
The Monument Thong Lo201912745TL
The Nest Sukhumvit 2220183168S16
The Oleander20067827S11
The Parkland Grand Asoke-Phetchaburi201229526R9
The Peak Sukhumvit 152005268S15
The Prime 11200921231S11
The Prime Suites Sukhumvit 181995928S18
The Rise Sukhumvit 392008777S39
The Room Sukhumvit 21201221333S21
The Seed Musee20091368S26
The Teak Sukhumvit 392018708S39
The Trendy condo200853017S13
The Trendy condo20084568S13
The Waterford Park Sukhumvit 53199328129TL
The XXXIX by Sansiri201517832S39
Trapezo Sukhumvit 162014707S16
Urbana Sukhumvit 152004518S15
VIA 312012888S39
Villa Asoke201352542S21
Viscaya Private Residences (rentals only)2008147S39
Vittorio 3920188828S39
Voque Sukhumvit 1620111408S16
Voque Sukhumvit 312012748S31
Waterford Diamond Tower199849846S30
Wattana Suite2004568S15
Watthana Heights19946039S19
Wind Sukhumvit 23200922022S23
Windsor Tower19965032S20
Wish Signature @ Midtown Siam201762345PCCL
Yada Residential1986979S39
Average (all projects by REMAX CondoDee)2006.9162.526.5 
# projects by REMAX CondoDee202   
Total # apartments57,267   
Total # floors5,245   
Median age (years)13.1   

Asoke area

Asoke is one of the most central and busiest tourist and business areas of Bangkok. Srinakharinwirot University is located in Asoke. There are many office buildings and apartment buildings in Asoke. Some of these office buildings are GMM Grammy Place, Ocean Tower 2, BB Building, Asoke Tower, Sermmit Tower, Sino-Thai Tower, PS Tower, Q House Asoke, Exchange Tower, Interchange 21 Tower, Singha Complex, 253 Asoke building and more.

Condos and office buildings in Asoke
Condos and office buildings in Asoke

Public transportation in Asoke:

Shopping and lifestyle destinations in Asoke

International schools and universities in Asoke

Hospitals around Asoke

Restaurants and entertainment spots in Asoke

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