The Monument Thong Lo Luxury Bangkok Condo

‎฿34,237,980 - median price (≈‎฿189,200 PSM)


The Monument Thong Lo – Luxury Bangkok Condominium in Thong Lo

The Monument Thong Lo = Statement Address. Home to some of the most well-heeled residents and more than Bangkok’s hippest street, Thong Lo is the affluent neighborhood attracting the city’s cognoscenti, captivated by the area’s flourishing array of sophisticated dining establishments, cafés, bars, and burgeoning boutiques. With a host of the most sought-after amenities including prestigious schools and nurseries, leading healthcare facilities, and your closest friends at your doorstep, Thong Lo is destined to remain one of the most coveted addresses for a long time to come.

The Monument Thong Lo is Luxury is Space. Appreciate The Monument Thong Lo room to enjoy life to the fullest in a rare development that is big on space. From residential unit sizes unlike any other being built to majestic trees that have stood in the grounds for over a century, the larger-than-life proportions magnify the luxury of living in an age when every square inch increases your gratitude for everything life has to offer.

Luxury Bangkok Condominium Project Details

  • Land Area: 2-2-45 Rai
  • Building: 45 storey / Basement 6 storey
  • Units: 127
  • Parking: 244 lots (192%)

Room Types

  • 2 bed – 124.25 sqm
  • 3 bed – 252.25 sqm
  • Penthouse simplex – 508.75 sqm
  • Penthouse private swimming pool – 520.75 sqm
  • Penthouse duplex – 662 sqm

Architecture and Facilities

The architecture of The Monument Thong Lo Luxury Bangkok condo

A landmark residence rises to prominence in a towering monolith of approximately 177 meters in height, with a state-of-the-art building flawlessly designed by world-renowned architecture firm Quintrix. The 45-floor building radiant in its purity, cloaked in light and sound protecting triple glazed low-emissivity insulating glass, has been painstakingly crafted utilizing a selection of only the finest materials from around the world and warm, rich woods to create what will be the most prestigious address in the ultimate lifestyle hub of Thong Lo.

Design Concept of The Monument Thong Lo


Urban Perception

The Monument Thong Lo Super Luxury Condominium in Bangkok. Buy luxury condo in Thong Lo. Rent luxury condo in Thong Lo. Luxury condo for sale.
The Monument Thong Lo Super Luxury Condominium in Bangkok. Buy a luxury condo in Thong Lo. Rent a luxury condo in Thong Lo. Luxury condo for sale.

The architect uses this opportunity to introduce an interesting piece of architectural/sculptural element that metaphor from shading of existing trees. Not only this standalone object has its function as shading to people at the pedestrian level, but it also serves as a link point from underground car parking spaces. Moreover, it is part of facilities with a 25-meter length swimming pool on top that connects to the rest of the semi-outdoor facility by sky bridges and continues all the way to a hidden green pocket on the other end of the project.

The architect uses this opportunity to introduce an interesting piece of architectural/ sculptural element that metaphor from shading of existing trees.

Swimming Pool

The 2nd-floor swimming pool at the front of the project is a striking, iconic feature, shaped from aluminum cladding, showcasing the property’s new dimension in architectural design. Plunge into a free-flowing sculptural masterpiece of approximately 28 meters in length and imagine you are floating through the sky amidst a pool constructed from white cloud marble, whilst your loved ones recline under the shade afforded by an awning completed utilizing solid wood. The entire facility is perfectly ensconced in a multi-level architectural form that merges with the surrounding landscape of nature to exquisitely envelop you in a unique experience of rejuvenation.

Green Space

The spirit of the project draws inspiration from the lush, verdant spaces surrounding the building with separate front and rear gardens just like home. With one measuring approximately 320 square meters and the other 600 square meters, nature is truly interwoven into the design to create a harmony that transcends the experience beyond mere living. Underscored by the soaring luxury of five ancient trees that have stood the test of time over the lifetime of Thong Lo, life continues to flourish beneath their shade in an expansive leafy oasis unique to the center of the city.

Garden Space

The capacious park-sized garden affords an open green space measuring approximately 1,000 square meters in the area yet creates a sensation of utmost privacy, as if you are relaxing in the back garden of a family home. Replete with multipurpose areas where innumerable activities may be enjoyed, space can be adapted in many different ways depending on the time of day such as meeting up with friends or quietly reading a book and having a cup of coffee. Being suitable for activities such as jogging, yoga, children playing, and hosting events, the garden is a center for the development that makes every day pass by with endless joy for residents of every generation.


Experience the comforts of home from the very first step through the elegant entrance to the luxurious lobby, paved with solid wood flooring and clad in the finest marble. Every touchpoint has been selected to evoke a feeling of the unique, with pillars dressed in handpicked, premium leather cow-hide, and furnished with the finest furniture made with exceptional materials such as interlaced leather and petrified wood. Although grand and spacious, the lobby has been cleverly designed to still remain a delightful and cozy sanctuary from the bustling world outside.

Fitness Studio

Boasting lush corner views that overlook the spacious greenery below and cozy solid wooden floors, the exuberant fitness studio exhibits a peaceful surrounding while pumping up a cardio workout. Equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment from Technogym, the world’s leading fitness equipment including machines designed by the Italian designer, Antonio Citterio.

Private Lift

Enjoy the advantages of your own private lift with the unique destination control system. Each lift may only be used by you or your family at the same time and takes you directly only to permitted levels, such as communal facility floors and your own private residence, ensuring you appreciate the highest privacy and sense of wellbeing.

Balcony Space

Truly live your life up in the sky from the vantage point of a sprawling outdoor space connecting directly from the living room. Floors and ceilings covered in solid wood give the natural touch to a personal oasis perfect for avid gardeners to add the beauty of a small plot to their own residence. With so much room to play with, sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious cup of tea, appreciate a family meal in the open air, or even host a party for your friends in the great outdoors.

Lifestyle in Living Room

The meaning of luxurious space is truly appreciated within your own home, where the sense of size really matters. With only oversized residences on offer, each living environment is perfect for entertaining or enjoying extensive solitude with your loved ones.

Living Room

Bask in the oversized comfort of a vast space at the heart of the home, where families may gather and grow ever closer. From the everyday routine of doing some work, relaxing, and watching television to more special occasions and parties, the living room affords the ultimate privacy cloaked in soundproofing and light-reflecting triple-glazed low-emissivity insulating glass. Feel immersed in luxury in every way, with White Venus marble flooring throughout, complemented by the lofty ceilings that add another dimension to the expansive environment.


Make the mundane routine of life truly exceptional in a bathroom designed to be sumptuous yet perfectly functional. Paved with Petra Grey marble on the floor and Arabescato marble on the walls, you are enveloped in a cocoon of sheer luxury for those private moments of contemplation, complemented by high-quality sanitary wares such as those from the brand Gessi.

Location of The Monument Thong Lo luxury Bangkok condominium

Where else in Bangkok can every generation in your family appreciate the finer things in life? With so much that Thong Lo has to offer, every day will be filled with plentiful choices from the essentials you will always need to the unique activities that make life worth living.

The Monument Thong Lo Super Luxury Condominium in Bangkok. Buy a luxury condo in Thong Lo. Rent a luxury condo in Thong Lo. Luxury condo for sale.

In the heart of Bangkok’s dining and entertainment district, everything you could want is nearby. Moments from The EM District, numerous luxury lifestyle shopping complexes, and other useful places, nothing is far away from being located near Thong Lo BTS station. With a multitude of small streets acting as handy shortcuts to other areas, further destinations can be easily reached from the nearby expressway.

Well-Known International Schools and Universities nearby this luxury Bangkok condominium

Lifestyle and Shopping nearby The Monument Thong Lo pet-friendly condo in Bangkok

International Hospitals near this luxury pet-friendly Bangkok condo

Restaurants around The Monument Thong Lo luxury pet-friendly condo in Bangkok

  • Thai food restaurants – 200 m
  • Japanese food restaurants  – 300 m and
  • Pizza and Western food – 300 m
  • Chinese food – 600 m
  • Korean food – 700 m

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Luxury condominiums in Bangkok CBD by RE/MAX CondoDee

* based on publicly available data and subject to daily change

Project Name Year of Built # Units Floors Median Listing Price Median Listing PSM Median Listing Rental price ROI
(rental yield)
39 by Sansiri 2010 166 32 ฿15,939,925 ฿217,710 ฿58,189 4.38%
Ashton Asoke 2018 783 50 ฿9,570,848 ฿283,065 ฿31,179 3.91%
Ashton Chula Silom 2018 1,182 56 ฿8,636,710 ฿259,103 ฿27,515 3.82%
Bright Sukhumvit 24 2011 292 36 ฿24,498,993 ฿210,408 ฿68,420 3.35%
Celes Asoke 2020 217 40 ฿21,194,082 ฿279,901 ฿67,080 3.80%
Domus Condominium 2006 108 12 ฿27,030,261 ฿217,218 ฿114,549 5.09%
Edge Sukhumvit 23 2017 443 35 ฿10,178,401 ฿234,831 ฿28,896 3.41%
Eight Thonglor Residences 2009 196 34 ฿18,413,468 ฿204,436 ฿53,935 3.51%
HQ Thonglor by Sansiri 2014 197 36 ฿18,449,414 ฿242,807 ฿59,987 3.90%
Hyde Sukhumvit 11 2019 478 39 ฿11,406,499 ฿207,475 ฿41,036 4.32%
Hyde Sukhumvit 13 2017 478 39 ฿18,783,084 ฿202,895 ฿54,082 3.46%
Keyne by Sansiri 2013 208 28 ฿12,875,025 ฿204,955 ฿43,247 4.03%
KHUN by YOO inspired by Starck 2020 148 27 ฿20,962,970 ฿385,813 ฿67,675 3.87%
Klass Langsuan 2015 110 8 ฿18,742,025 ฿245,583 ฿43,601 2.79%
Kraam Sukhumvit 26 2019 128 29 ฿31,001,401 ฿299,167 ฿104,592 4.05%
Le Raffine Jambu Dvipa Sukhumvit 39 2009 59 34 ฿76,747,429 ฿199,310 ฿192,292 3.01%
Le Raffine Jambunuda Sukhumvit 31 2006 46 30 ฿58,825,897 ฿134,651 ฿164,632 3.36%
Marque Sukhumvit 2017 147 50 ฿49,383,546 ฿377,064 ฿152,575 3.71%
Muniq Sukhumvit 23 2020 201 36 ฿16,947,910 ฿248,286 ฿60,276 4.27%
Na Vara Residence 2018 96 8 ฿11,626,874 ฿256,024 ฿39,167 4.04%
Noble Around 33 2020 268 25 ฿10,280,203 ฿219,993 ฿42,083 4.91%
Noble Be19 2020 586 48 ฿12,290,364 ฿208,550 ฿27,647 2.70%
Noble Be33 2020 277 31 ฿10,516,023 ฿218,151 ฿36,397 4.15%
Noble Form Thonglor 2024 546 46 ฿17,225,000 ฿248,806 0.00%
Noble Ploenchit 2017 1,444 51 ฿17,263,821 ฿298,631 ฿50,808 3.53%
Noble Recole 2018 288 28 ฿10,427,729 ฿223,878 ฿30,050 3.46%
Park 24 2018 2,077 51 ฿8,166,271 ฿229,266 ฿29,804 4.38%
Pyne by Sansiri 2013 298 42 ฿14,554,936 ฿289,033 ฿37,905 3.13%
Q Asoke 2016 482 41 ฿7,454,517 ฿203,450 ฿27,846 4.48%
Quattro by Sansiri 2012 446 36 ฿19,553,912 ฿248,033 ฿60,687 3.72%
Rhythm Ekkamai 2018 326 32 ฿9,454,560 ฿230,567 ฿32,318 4.10%
Rhythm Sukhumvit 42 2016 407 36 ฿9,044,073 ฿193,409 ฿34,045 4.52%
Royce Private Residence 2012 39 161 ฿24,557,913 ฿205,096 ฿100,978 4.93%
Saladaeng One 2015 187 33 ฿20,511,857 ฿361,816 ฿60,950 3.57%
Siamese Exclusive Queens 2019 332 33 ฿13,627,023 ฿217,462 ฿43,017 3.79%
Siamese Exclusive Sukhumvit 31 2019 193 21 ฿15,009,342 ฿197,273 ฿59,698 4.77%
Siri at Sukhumvit 2009 460 34 ฿12,683,687 ฿204,177 ฿45,367 4.29%
Siri Residence 2007 185 32 ฿20,755,089 ฿208,991 ฿55,841 3.23%
TELA Thonglor 2018 88 33 ฿43,052,537 ฿356,732 ฿126,360 3.52%
The Address Sukhumvit 28 2011 246 31 ฿13,314,261 ฿211,834 ฿50,905 4.59%
The Bangkok Thonglor 2019 148 31 ฿27,666,239 ฿353,327 ฿92,589 4.02%
The Crest Sukhumvit 34 2014 265 28 ฿11,304,678 ฿231,720 ฿38,790 4.12%
The Diplomat 39 2019 156 31 ฿26,094,017 ฿329,526 ฿76,929 3.54%
The Esse Asoke 2019 419 55 ฿14,588,165 ฿258,763 ฿49,602 4.08%
The Esse at Singha Complex 2020 319 39 ฿14,094,436 ฿285,630 ฿38,204 3.25%
The Lofts Asoke 2019 211 37 ฿18,066,320 ฿219,806 ฿63,501 4.22%
The Lofts Ekkamai 2017 263 28 ฿10,531,092 ฿192,324 ฿39,189 4.47%
The Lumpini 24 2013 400 46 ฿11,387,525 ฿224,014 ฿38,486 4.06%
The Monument Thong Lo 2019 127 45 ฿38,158,215 ฿299,643 ฿130,964 4.12%
The Rich Ploenchit – Nana 2022 427 32 ฿16,673,941 ฿271,355
The XXXIX by Sansiri 2015 178 32 ฿23,623,224 ฿307,815 ฿76,182 3.87%
Vittorio 39 2018 88 28 ฿46,549,145 ฿342,087 ฿150,006 3.87%
Average (all projects by REMAX CondoDee) 2007.4 149.5 25.5 ฿10,321,806 ฿158,626 ฿34,128 3.97%
# projects by REMAX CondoDee 258 Total # apartments 68,509
Total # floors 6,666 Median age (years) 12.6

Luxury Bangkok Condo Market Analysis

* based on publicly available data and subject to daily change

The average sale price at The Monument Thong Lo is 80-90% above the current average sale price in the Watthana district and 160-180% above the average price in Bangkok.

Rental prices at The Monument Thong Lo are 90-100% above average in Watthana and 120-140% above average in Bangkok.

Floor Plans

Master plan

Circulation Plan

Dog Park Circulation Plan

Front Park

Front Park - Detailed

Main Entrance

Materials: Front Park

Dog Park

Front Park visual


B1 Floor Plan

B2 - B5 Floor Plan

B6 Floor Plan

Lobby Plan

Lobby Detailed Plan

Lobby Visual

Lobby Furniture

Lobby Mail Room - Visual

Lobby Public Restroom

Main Park

Main Park Detailed

Main Park Visual

2nd Floor Plan

2nd Floor Facilities Plan

2nd Floor Multu-Purpose Area Visual

2nd Floor Kids Room Visual

2nd Floor Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Detailed

Swimming Pool Visual

3rd - 27th Floors

2-Bedroom Unit Plan

2-Bedroom - Kitchen

2-Bedroom - Kitchen and Pantry

2-Bedroom - Kitchen and Pantry 2

2-Bedroom - Closet

29th - 40th Floors Plan (3-Bedroom Units)

3-Bedroom - 3A Type

3-Bedroom - 3B Type

3-Bedroom Entrance Visial

3-Bedroom - Balcony

3-Bedroom Kitchen and Pantry

3-Bedroom Lifestyle Kitchen

3-Bedroom Wardrobe

3-Bedroom Bathroom

3-Bedroom Interior Space

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