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I live in Asoke Bangkok – can I afford New York with the same lifestyle – part C

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Hi there. Last week I started this “project” of comparing cost of living in Bangkok and New York. I have done it in a non-traditional way that is, however, relevant for me, and, probably, for some of readers. My way of comparing is based on a fact, that spend 95,000 ฿ (around 2,700 $) a month to maintain a certain lifestyle here in my condo in Asoke Bangkok.

How much it would cost me in New York to maintain my same Asoke Bangkok lifestyle?

In parts A and B we already compared cost of food, transportation and other expenses, excluding real estate and salaries. My calculation shows that consumer prices (excluding apartment rent) in New York are more than 2 times higher than in Asoke Bangkok. Restaurant prices in New York are almost 4 times higher than in Bangkok. And groceries prices in New York are almost double of those in Asoke Bangkok.

Apartment Rental Prices in Asoke Bangkok and New York

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