We all look for great rental yield when we purchase property as an investment so Rental Yield Guarantee Programs are perfect for just that as you will receive rental yield per year guaranteed without having to do anything. 

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing Rental Yield Guarantee Programs for Investors in Phuket.


Well-Established Management Team

Please check that well-established management teams will manage the whole process for you so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you choose this program, the management team would advertise your property on Agoda, Booking.com etc to attempt to find guests to stay at your property. In the very unlikely case that they cannot find anyone to rent your property, that will not be your problem or worry as you will still receive rental yield on a yearly basis guaranteed. 


Annual Yield Offer

A good Guarantee Program in most cases offers you 5 to 6.5% per year of the purchase price for either 5 or 10 years which is a great return on investment. Be careful if larger yield is offered as this is the standard % for well-established and trustable property developers. It would require special attention and a more detailed investigation if the % offered was higher. If this is the case, we  recommend, to consult and get advice from an experienced third party real estate consultancy. 


Stay in Your Property Every Year

An appealing Guarantee Program in Phuket should also allow you (the Investor) to stay in your own property for 30 days per year free of charge whilst you are in this program. We are talking about Phuket, and this option is usually available. 

The easiest way to look at the Guarantee Program is as follows:

  1. The management team will rent your property for 11 months of the year
  2. You (the Investor) will get one month free stay per year for your holiday and then you (the Investor) will receive 5 to 6.5% rental yield guaranteed on a yearly basis. 
  3. The well-established management team will do everything for you and everything is included in this program such as; check in & check out for guests, breakfast for guests, cover water & electricity bills, all marketing duties, housekeeping, free shuttle-bus service and all other general rental duties.

It is also worth mentioning that the maintenance fee should be free of charge for each Investor when you indulge with this program (Management Company covers the cost for you) at some developments. There are also some other investment programs available with specific projects.

Rental Yield Guarantee Programs are hassle and stress free as you know you will be receiving a certain percent yield year after year guaranteed. For example, on a 10 year program, you can exit out of the program half way through after 5 years if you do decide you would like to use your property for another use such as self-living, use other investment programs etc. 

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