Moving to Thailand might seem like a daunting task to accomplish. However, with the right help and tips, you can make sure to make the move to Thailand one of the best decisions you have ever made. Moving here requires a few different steps, such as obtaining the right visa, shipping your household goods or vehicle and finding a home to live in. All can be done easily with the right help.

Do You Need a Visa?

A visa is required for those wishing to move to Thailand. Those that are just thinking about visiting for 30 days or less do not need a visa. Depending on the reason for the move, such as a new job or because of marriage, then the appropriate visa would be required. The visa paperwork can be found at the Royal Thai Embassy. They can provide additional information regarding which visa would be best for you obtain when moving to the country.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Thailand may not be quite as low as some of the neighboring countries including Malaysia but when compared to the cost of living in the United States, you may be happy to know that you can generally find a home to rent for nearly 100% less in Thailand than you would pay in the U.S. Sales rates for homes are around 10% less in Thailand. Entertainment and groceries will cost less but if you want to purchase clothing, you may find yourself paying a little more for a pair of jeans or name brand shoes like Nike in Thailand than you would in America.

Finding a Home

For expats, there are numerous homes to look at in Thailand. While many people visiting may choose to find a rental home during their stay, especially if they are staying short term, others prefer searching for a great property for sale for longer stays and investments and permanent moves. If you are an investor you will want to seek help from a licensed real estate professional to help with your purchase. Many property investors in Thailand find that working with the right real estate agent not only helps to find prime properties to invest in but it is also beneficial when the time comes to find tenants or to make a profit when the property is sold in the future.

Bringing Your Household Items with You

When you move into a new home in Thailand, you may want to bring your household furnishings with you. Personal effects are convenient to have and this is especially so if they have sentimental meaning to you or if they are items that are not easy to replace. With a household goods shipping company, this is something that can be handled easily. They can advise you on the specific guidelines set forth for importing personal goods to Thailand and they will assist with ensuring everything is packed correctly for the overseas move.

A person known as a forwarding agent can help you move the items with ease. They negotiate terms, ensure items can pass through customs and verify that all paperwork is handled. Everything is handled on a “one-thing” basis. If you have multiple televisions, only one of them can be shipped to Thailand. The same goes for other items such as vacuums and microwaves.

Want Your Vehicle, too?

Bringing your vehicle is something to consider if you prefer driving on your own rather than using the many options available in Thailand for public transportation. It can be expensive to ship a car to Thailand, especially if you are shipping a luxury car or have a great distance for the car to travel from for delivery in the country.

The shipping company you hire should be familiar with the vehicle importing procedures to suggest a cost-effective way to ship as well as to know precisely what paperwork you must have to legally import the car.

The procedures vary depending on whether you’re bringing in a used or new vehicle and whether you plan to do a temporary or permanent import. For short stays that won’t exceed 6 months, a temporary import will allow the car entry while also saving you a little on expenses for import fees.

The shipping agent will need to have the following documents to ensure that the items and vehicle are easily passed through customs:

Keep in mind, certain situations might change the outcome of what is needed. It is important to speak with the Thai Embassy to find out exact details of relocating to the area. This will ensure that you’re completely prepared when the time comes to move to a new country.

Moving to Thailand can be exciting for everyone thinking of making the move. By being prepared ahead of time, you will know what is needed to make the move as smooth as possible. Enjoy all that comes from living in Thailand.

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