Pet-friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD.

Bangkok is a very diverse city, with a bit of everything for everybody!

However there is a small detail that baffles, anyone with a pet such as a dog or a cat will find that Bangkok’s Central Business District is notoriously non-pet-friendly.

Anyone who has a pet and experienced condo-hunting will soon realize that finding a pet-friendly condo or accommodation within the city is a real struggle.

It will come as a surprise to many, that when Developers and or building management offices set rules and regulations in regards to residency, pets in most cases are prohibited.

Pet-Friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD *

By CondoDee Eternal Property


Project nameYear of Built# UnitsFloorsMedian Listing PriceMedian Listing PSMMedian Listing Rent price
39 Suites SUkhumvit 391996609฿10,700,000฿89,167฿34,295
49 Suite1996568฿5,866,667฿94,213฿23,024
AEQUA Sukhumvit 49201215328฿12,059,304฿205,420฿56,526
Aguston Sukhumvit 22201025035฿15,235,999฿156,352฿53,179
Ashton Morphe 38 Sukhumvit 38201219932฿13,964,593฿211,615฿47,282
Ashton Residence 412017798฿34,942,757฿271,864฿89,058
Baan Prida Sukhumvit 819861914฿16,600,000฿95,402฿59,027
Baan Sathorn Lumpini MRT19945020฿24,976,809฿96,718฿81,657
Belgravia Residences Sukhumvit2008487฿51,979,031฿175,423฿154,268
Downtown Forty Nine Sukhumvit 4920131358฿9,281,522฿151,736฿34,286
Fifty-Fifth Tower199610335฿18,738,420฿102,101฿60,356
First Tower Sukhumvit 1200320822฿3,051,423฿87,158฿15,532
Fortune Condo Town200821522฿5,913,999฿63,688฿28,112
Fullerton Sukhumvit Thonglor200613937฿44,616,273฿196,940฿79,200
Harmony Living Sukhumvit 152006248฿8,318,519฿94,820฿62,059
Ideal 24 Sukhumvit 2420083441฿60,421,276฿180,161฿187,456
Kallistra Mansion Sukhumvit 1119978434฿35,585,779฿109,255฿94,761
Kiarti Thanee Sukhumvit 31199611822฿20,127,891฿94,152฿59,746
Le Nice Ekamai Sukhumvit 632010798฿6,061,984฿102,598฿29,149
M Thonglor 10 Bangkok201617922฿6,100,460฿173,430฿23,624
Maestro 02 Ruamrudee Ploenchit20161268฿7,934,612฿167,768฿29,060
Maestro 39 Sukhumvit 392015908฿8,603,898฿141,803฿42,306
Mano Tower Sukhumvit 3919903217฿21,500,000฿75,000฿65,000
Maru Ekkamai 2 Sukhumvit 63202033332฿8,426,286฿199,107฿36,153
Oriental Towers Ekkamai 1219967033฿34,176,041฿94,351฿97,636
Premier Condominium Sukhumvit 2419818012฿14,797,458฿138,271฿53,836
President Park Sukhumvit 24199622843฿18,169,885฿75,783฿63,500
Prime Mansion Promsri Sukhumvit 392005408฿13,470,898฿111,506฿54,069
Prime Mansion Sukhumvit 3120087017฿14,391,897฿142,032฿57,228
Quarter 31 Sukhumvit 312019103฿60,839,031฿140,955฿235,340
Quarter 39 Sukhumvit 392018153฿56,950,000฿148,000฿195,658
Regent on the Park 1 Sukhumvit 2619928134฿22,648,558฿88,292฿56,609
Ruamjai Heights Sukhumvit 1519928021฿12,207,791฿81,434฿54,779
Silver Heritage Sukhumvit 382007278฿29,382,566฿129,451฿77,743
T.P.J. Condo Sukhumvit 4919881710฿14,522,917฿52,154฿53,976
The Lakes Bangkok200416536฿16,913,728฿150,880฿73,649
The Madison Sukhumvit 41200715136฿29,038,077฿185,336฿82,782
The Monument Thong Lo Sukhumvit 55201912745฿38,124,922฿297,980฿122,817
The Natural Place Sukhumvit 31 townhouses1995404฿35,200,000฿180,000฿114,000
Tristan Sukhumvit 39 Phrom Phong2009258฿10,673,929฿91,466฿44,803
Turnberry Sukhumvit 33 Phrom Phong2006198฿17,253,604฿113,623฿48,473
Urbitia Thong Lo Sukhumvit 3620181308฿6,999,085฿191,271฿20,770
Wilshire Sukhumvit 2220067822฿24,206,703฿136,058฿76,770

We Don’t Recommend

Some condo owners can turn a blind eye to hamsters, goldfish, and the like. However, it is a rule in the majority of condominium projects that pets are not allowed.

 As a professional property consultancy, we would never recommend sneaking a pet into a “Condo or Apartment” without the landlord’s knowledge and permission. If you rent a condo in Bangkok, this could lead to a series of problems:

  • Immediate termination of your Lease Agreement
  • Forced eviction for failing to comply with terms of the lease.
  • Loss of Security Deposit

Market Research: Pet-Friendly VS. Non-Pet-Friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD

Condo supply in Bangkok CBD

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - condo supply

Apartments’ Size and Age

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - Apartments size and age

Price Comparision

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - Price Comparison

For Property Investors

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - property investment


  1. Pet-friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD are rare as the demand for such residential projects is not as high.
  2. Pet-friendly condominiums in Bangkok Center are lower and have fewer units and older than average in Bangkok by 30-40%.
  3. The average price of pet-friendly condos is higher in absolute numbers since these properties are usually larger in size. The price per square meter (PSM) for pet-friendly properties is 20-25% lower than average in Bangkok CBD.

Pet-friendly units are on average slightly more profitable (for buy-to-let investment) than average in Bangkok Central Business District (CBD)

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