Pet-friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD by REMAX CondoDee

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District)

Pet-friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD.

Bangkok is a very diverse city, with a bit of everything for everybody!

However there is a small detail that baffles, anyone with a pet such as a dog or a cat will find that Bangkok’s Central Business District is notoriously non-pet-friendly.

Anyone who has a pet and experienced condo-hunting will soon realize that finding a pet-friendly condo or accommodation within the city is a real struggle.

It will come as a surprise to many, that when Developers and or building management offices set rules and regulations in regards to residency, pets in most cases are prohibited.

Pet-Friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD *

By RE/MAX CondoDee


Project NameYear of Built# UnitsFloorsMedian Listing PriceMedian Listing PSMMedian Listing Rental priceROI
(rental yield)
39 Suites1996609฿8,138,017฿85,291฿34,2185.05%
Aguston Sukhumvit 22201025035฿18,381,411฿160,686฿55,0433.59%
Baan Prida Sukhumvit 819861914฿16,600,000฿95,402฿60,7484.39%
Belgravia Residences2008487฿51,574,572฿174,098฿153,5973.57%
Downtown 4920138135฿9,916,634฿153,096฿30,5643.70%
Fifty-Fifth Tower199610335฿18,738,420฿102,101฿60,3563.87%
Harmony Living Sukhumvit 152006248฿8,318,519฿94,820฿38,9375.62%
Ideal 2420083441฿60,490,529฿184,872฿184,3713.66%
Kallistra Mansion19978434฿38,065,988฿106,614฿101,6443.20%
Kiarti Thanee City Mansion199611822฿20,184,795฿94,483฿56,7523.37%
Le Nice Ekamai2010798฿6,946,896฿107,881฿32,2135.56%
M Thonglor 10201617922฿6,732,679฿172,341฿22,9084.08%
Maestro 02 Ruamrudee20161268฿7,379,259฿163,900฿32,4285.27%
Maestro 39 Sukhumvit 392015908฿8,831,911฿145,959฿41,7505.67%
Premier Condominium19818012฿14,797,458฿76,002฿51,7164.19%
President Park Sukhumvit 24199622843฿17,859,431฿77,004฿68,4174.60%
Prime Mansion Promsri2005408฿13,725,921฿110,423฿54,1914.74%
Prime Mansion Sukhumvit 3120087017฿18,012,171฿136,155฿65,2184.34%
Quarter 312019103฿55,703,382฿128,418฿224,9014.84%
Quarter 392018153฿50,125,000฿128,408฿188,1504.50%
Regent on the Park 119928134฿22,890,999฿88,142฿59,0003.09%
Ruamjai Heights19928021฿12,102,615฿79,923฿63,3586.28%
Silver Heritage2007278฿31,065,142฿129,245฿73,2592.83%
T.P.J. Condo19881710฿14,500,000฿51,786฿55,0004.55%
The Lakes Condominium200416536฿24,073,514฿191,635฿79,4883.96%
The Madison200715136฿29,652,806฿185,424฿81,7793.31%
The Monument Thong Lo201912745฿38,158,215฿299,643฿130,9644.12%
The Natural Place Sukhumvit 311995404฿32,750,000฿58,432฿114,0004.18%
The Oleander20067827฿20,217,361฿113,800฿54,7703.25%
Tower Park199312835฿36,199,334฿128,734฿87,1212.89%
Tristan Condominium2009258฿10,059,495฿86,611฿42,2745.04%
Turnberry (Turn Burry)2006198฿18,333,333฿112,607฿58,0643.80%
Urbitia Thonglor20181308฿7,129,670฿183,189฿22,3623.76%
MEDIAN (all projects by REMAX CondoDee)2010147.025.0฿11,406,499฿134,651฿39,8264.27%
# projects by REMAX CondoDee265Total # apartments69,667  
Total # floors6,821Median age (years)11.5 

* based on publicly available data and subject to daily change

We Don’t Recommend

Some condo owners can turn a blind eye to hamsters, goldfish, and the like. However, it is a rule in the majority of condominium projects that pets are not allowed.

 As a professional property consultancy, we would never recommend sneaking a pet into a “Condo or Apartment” without the landlord’s knowledge and permission. If you rent a condo in Bangkok, this could lead to a series of problems:

  • Immediate termination of your Lease Agreement
  • Forced eviction for failing to comply with terms of the lease.
  • Loss of Security Deposit

Market Research: Pet-Friendly VS. Non-Pet-Friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD

Condo supply in Bangkok CBD

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - condo supply

Apartments’ Size and Age

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - Apartments size and age

Price Comparision

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - Price Comparison

For Property Investors

Pet-Friendly Condominiums In Bangkok CBD (Central Business District) - property investment


  1. Pet-friendly condominiums in Bangkok CBD are rare as the demand for such residential projects is not as high.
  2. Pet-friendly condominiums in Bangkok Center are lower and have fewer units and older than average in Bangkok by 30-40%.
  3. The average price of pet-friendly condos is higher in absolute numbers since these properties are usually larger in size. The price per square meter (PSM) for pet-friendly properties is 20-25% lower than average in Bangkok CBD.

Pet-friendly units are on average slightly more profitable (for buy-to-let investment) than average in Bangkok Central Business District (CBD)

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