It’s not a secret that Thailand’s real estate market is far less regulated than most Western countries, and even some Asian regions. That is why it’s important for property investors to rely on a credible third party with global reputation and expertise in the Thai property marketplace.

RE/MAX CondoDee has established and created PhuketLux with the whole main idea to provide overseas real estate investors with a security and piece of mind when they make their investment decision in Phuket. We have been visiting any and all development projects in Phuket finding those that are trustable and reliable with sizable financial potential. Our experienced team uses six simple steps to qualify new property projects:

  1. Check Developer’s background with previous projects, get feedback from previous buyers and tenants.
  2. To qualify that the project location is well situated for lifestyle of foreign residents and investors. As a part of this process, the property land needs to be carefully inspected by our legal representatives.
  3. Project specification and quality assessment to qualify that project features all amenities and facilities to accommodate Western living standards. In some cases, we advise Developers to change a part of the project specification if we feel that something is missing in their project.
  4. Make sure that all projects are EIA approved with all legal documents in place and that the correct quota for foreign freehold ownership is in place and valid. As a part of this process, each Developer needs to present a valid building permit to ensure the building work runs smoothly without any problems from the authorities.
  5. Discuss with Developers and get to an agreement with them about Rental Guarantee and other investment programs that serve foreign investors’ interests the most.
  6. To ensure that all marketing and sales materials are genuine, suitable for each project and correctly represent the project.

Once each project is qualified, PhuketLux by RE/MAX CondoDee continues regular checks and approvals to ensure each project continues to progress in a positive and timely manner. This involves frequent visits to the construction site, meetings with Developers and discussions with satisfied buyers.


PhuketLux by RE/MAX CondoDee provides real estate investors from all over the world with property investment consulting by bringing to their attention projects in Phuket that are well fit to Western standards of living and quality of property development. We also represent Phuket hotels available for sale.

For a free consultation contact us:

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